Start-ups boom! What does that mean to you?

Year-wise Trend of New Companies Incorporated in India

More and more companies are getting incorporated every day, thanks to the conducive environment and initiatives of the Indian Government.

We certainly have more choices now than before, as a Service Consumer, as a Partner, or as an Investor. It's Good and Bad!

Validating Creditworthiness of the Businesses you deal with has become a necessity these days.

IndianCompanyInfo helps by consolidates information about Indian Companies available in various public domains into a single user-friendly website. We publish information related to Compliance to Indian Government Companies Act, Charges registered against Companies, Details of the Leadership team, etc.

What else is in store for you?

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Claim your company and take control of your company listing by publishing additional details about your business. You can promote your products & services, and reach out to your prospective clients.

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Professional Email vs Personal Email

"Do I need an <> email for my business?"

"Can't I just manage with free email account like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail?"

These thoughts are not strange to a new business owner.

Professional email setup should be one of the first few things you should do after starting up a business. You should be using <> email right from day one.

Unfortunately, this is something that quite some SMB owners neglect. Here is why you should not:

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Number of Indian Companies by Status

What does Company Status mean? Do you need to give attention to it?

"Company Status" of Indian Companies gets updated on a regular basis by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) based on compliance adherence by the Company related to filing of statutory documents.

Every Indian Company registered with Registrar of Companies (RoC), Government of India has one of the 14 status values associated with it at any particular point of time. This article explains each of the Company status values in detail.

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CIN or Corporate Identification Number or Corporate Identity Number uniquely identifies an Indian Company. It is assigned by the Registrar of Companies (RoC), Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India during Company Incorporation. CIN typically is 21 characters long and consists of 6 parts, viz., Listing Status, Industry Code, State Code, Year of Incorporation, Ownership Identifier and RoC Registration Number.

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