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Claim LLP

To claim "GUPTA REDEVELOPERS LLP", please review and complete the checklist below.

Login to your "Indian Company Info" Account.
You are NOT logged in. Please Login or Create Account, if you don't have one.
Verify your Email.
You have NOT verified your Email. Please Login and verify your Email from Profile page.
Update "LLP Email" in MCA records.
Looks good! "LLP contact Email" is set in MCA records.
Logged in Email & "LLP Email" in MCA records need to match.

Your Email DOES NOT match "LLP contact Email" <> as in MCA records.

You need to, either:

  • Create Account and Login to "Indian Company Info" using the "same" Email you have provided to MCA during LLP Incorporation. [Do this if you have access to "LLP contact Email" you have provided during LLP Incorporation]


  • Update LLP contact Email in MCA records. You may need to go through the Chartered Accountants (or) Consultants who helped with LLP Incorporation. [Do this if you do not have access to "LLP contact Email" you have provided during LLP Incorporation]

You CANNOT claim "GUPTA REDEVELOPERS LLP" yet. Please review failed steps in the above checklist, rectify them by following the instructions provided. Refresh this page after rectifying all the failed steps to claim this LLP.

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